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About Fairuza:

Name:Fairuza Duval de Campana


​You have been formally introduce to Fairuza aka Dark Muse. Who am I? Just 5 foot ten ,190 pound, 48-28-48, carmel-honey skin, and almond-shaped root beer colored eyed super sadistic vixen..22 year old 2nd generation Afro-Caribbean/Latina working class born in San Francisco. Grew up loving MMA, lacrosse, boxing, horror films, sci-fi, tattoos, black magic, comics, and the art of meat cutting. Totally into funk, post-punk, calypso,electroclash,disco, dancehall,and punk. Currently, I am working as babysitter and freelance dark erotica writer while trying to become butcher's apprenticeship.I use obeah and voodoo to pluck from your perverted fantasies.Be prepare to be enslaved by my enormous breasts and ass. My 48 inch bust will cause you to have Stockholm Syndrome. My size 10 feet make you beg for more. Why? Because I am wholesome yet perverse.

Favorite song:What the Hell by Ohio Players

Favorite music: Funk, Freestyle, Calypso, Electroclash, Disco, Afro House, Post-punk, and Funk Balie.

Nationality: Afro-Caribbean/Latina

Favorite Foods: Pixie Dust Popcorn, Black squid ink pasta with  chorizo & basil,rosé salad,Black Squid Ink Pasta with Oyster Carbonara Sauce ,SHANGHAI SWEET AND SOUR RIBS .Star Wars Popcorn,Buttermilk-Blueberry Breakfast Cakes,Watermelon heart fruit salad,Skillet Pork Chops with Apples and Onions, Bajan fried chicken, and Cornbread stuffed Lobster in Rose petal sauce 

Favorite colors: Metallic gold, Metallic Silver, Black, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, and Metallic Rainbow

Favorite cocktails: Lady Rose Cocktail, Death in the Afternoon, 

​Favorite movie: Tu mama Tambien

Favorite romantic film: Love Jones

Dark Muse