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My fetishes include:

Sugar Benefactors/Findom
Mind Fuck
Mind Control
Mental Domination
Laughing fetish
Financial Domination
Money Slavery
Psychic cruelty
Sex Magick 
Magick Domination
Forced Intoxication
Sex Psychic Readings
Taboo Black Girlfriend Domination

Here are my more taboo and occultic roleplays: These roleplays cost more than my "normal" roleplays. These start from 5.99 per min and up

Necromancy roleplay: We talk about erotic spirit possession. A fun roleplay based on the blackest of black arts.
Cum divination or Semenancy: This is a old Obeah divination technique in which I do a psychic reading using your cum.

Virtual horror movie date: This nothing but a girl and guy watching horror films together on cam.

My shows are very be very esoteric, dark, sensual, perverted, and touch on the dark side of life. I am non-nude but most my clothing is very revealing and see-through. My job is to help you cum while being clothed at all times.

Here is my Skype and Discord button:

Dark Muse