Dark Muse

This is a woman that knows just how much you like your martinis.  It’s the very reason she controls your body via Forced Intox.  You’ll also discover that the full lips this beauty after tasting martinis from her mouth 

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This ebony beauty will tell you just how she likes to put those lips of hers to good use.  You’ll be instantly jealous of any man that’s ever been so lucky as to get to experience them.

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 You have been formally introduce to Fairuza aka Dark Muse. Who am I? Just 5 foot ten , 190 pound, 22 year old Afro-Caribbean/Latina Babysitter non-nude switch who practices Obeah and Voodoo on you. Yes, I babysit for your family to cocktease you. I use obeah and voodoo to pluck form your perverted fantasies. I define difference and otherness in your mind. you know, black young women like me keep you hard at night. 


Let’s talk about this findom queen that can make your toes curl with nothing but her voice.  Your money will become her property.

Forced Intox

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Sugar Baby